At what age usually do erectile dysfunction issues start (1)

At what age usually do erectile dysfunction issues start?

Many young people have this overconfidence that they are too young and energetic that will never have erectile dysfunction. The same is with the people of old age who think that they were so good in bed in their young time so how can they have ED now? But this problem has become very common among men of every age. This thing shows that ED can happen at any age.

Some of the medicines like Cenforce 100 mg tablet, Vidalista 60 mg, and Tadalista 60 mg are capable of ED among various age groups. Don’t worry about erection and holding capacity all such issues are sorted with one ED tablet.

Does ED affect any specific group of people?

There is no such ED age that when you will start having the symptoms of ED. At any age, you can become a patient of ED and if not checked at an early stage then you have to go through serious consequences afterward. Generally, ED happens in people who are in the age group of 40 to 50 years.

Why does ED bother people of every age group?

You might have an encounter with people who are below 30 and above 50 who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Such a situation has arrived because of changes in the mental and physical condition of people. Increased level of stress, depression, workload, and anxiety has led to the deteriorating mental condition of man. Such changes lead to changes in the working of hormones and thus lead to erectile dysfunction.

But in some cases, ED is by birth or we can call it natural impotence which means that he has this inability to erection by birth which is recognized after puberty. The reason for such impotency can be genetic, any injury by accident that has led to permanent damage to the tissues.

In ED if we talk about physical condition then it is improper blood flow in the penile region. Due to this penis could not remain erect and harder for longer periods. Adding to this it also makes man inefficient enough to hold an erection. In the case of mental condition, the man is unable to create thoughts in his mind about intercourse due to which no signals are sent to the brain resulting in no erection at all. Other conditions include potential psychological distress, nerve damage disorder, and bad mental condition.

During which time a man is most vulnerable to ED?

If we talk about the vulnerability of getting ED then there is no specific time for getting it. There is no time bound when a male is going to suffer from impotence it can happen at any time and any age and to any male. It would be better that once you feel the symptoms get yourself tested and a good medicine like Cenforce 100 mg, Vidalista black 80 mg, and Tadalista 60 mg tablets prescribed for you.

How do I get that I am suffering from ED?

Such an important question comes to mind automatically when someone talks about ED. Well, you will come to know that you are suffering from ED when you have a problem with erection, when your penis could remain erect for a longer time and when you cannot hold an erection for this much time that can make your partner get an orgasm.

In the initial stages when a man is sexually aroused and stimulated he gets an erection but immediately or cannot penetrate as hard as it is required. Or you can call it a soft erection which also comes under the category of ED. In such type of ED, you get an erection but it is too early which means they are not sustainable and not as hard as normal.

Determine the symptoms carefully and get yourself prescribed a good and effective medicine.

How to cure ED when you get it early in life?

At this present time curing ED is very easy as many medicines are available in the market that is efficient and have a great success rate. Study says that there are fewer chances of a male suffering from ED below the age group of 30 years. But as such ED is not the same for all people. Different people suffer from different intensities of ED which include mild moderate and severe.

People who are suffering from mild and moderate levels of ED are curable using medicines, a variety of treatments, and bringing some lifestyle changes. But in the case of severe ED, there are less of chances of getting completely cured or you can say there is no 100% recovery. Moreover, the patient has to take the tablet for his entire life and needs to follow a strict routine and diet plan.

The most important thing is that you cannot ignore ED; you need to communicate it to your partner or your close one. Get yourself tested and let your doctor decide what would be a better option and medicine for you. Adding to this making some lifestyle changes, eating habits and exercise can help you in curing. Having the right form of treatment for the right person can do wonders for ED patients.


There is no such problem in the world that is not cured by medical science. Get a medicine prescribed for yourself so that you can get a cure fast. Don’t lose faith when you find out that the Erectile Dysfunction you are suffering from is severe.

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