Drug policy at RDMedicshop

RDMedicshop has a clear and well-defined drug policy that is intricate. Each of the customers willing to buy medicines from our store at also we have a clear drug policy as mentioned below.

Here we have included everything about our drug policy that clearly states the types of drugs that we sell, how we procure the medicines, who dictates the cost of medicines and the offers, quality checks of the medicines done by our experts, and the benefits s of buying drugs from RDMedicshop.

Types of medicines that you can buy from us

We have one of the widest arrays of medicines that you can buy from RDMedicshop. For the ease of our customers, we have made various categories by the salt or ingredients for which you can get all the well-recognized brands. Our range of medications includes all types of drugs such as prescription drugs and generic drugs. We have covered a range of disorders and have a large number of medicines for each category that are well certified and manufactured by different pharma companies with various lab tests.

This includes-

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impotence
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Woman sexual dysfunction

How do we source the medicines?

  • Our source medicines are directly from manufacturers and verified suppliers.
  • On some rare occasions, we also source from vendors and wholesalers but the condition is that all are registered entities.
  • RDMedicshop has an agreement with the pharma companies vendors and wholesalers to buy medicines in bulk.
  • This is why at RDMedicshop we offer discounted rates for all medicines.
  • Our medicines are high quality & we ensure to buy them from the medicine manufacturing companies themselves.
  • We provide all medicine approving authorities to sell and purchase medicines online.

Benefits of buying drugs on our portal

  • We assure you of the quality of the medicines bought from us.
  • We ensure that we provide the best quality products at the lowest prices.
  • We ensure discounts and offers on each order.
  • Here you can pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit card.
  • We ensure you to give free home delivery in the committed time.

Cost of the medicines

  • We make deals with large bulk orders and that is why we can offer discounts to you.
  • The discounts that we offer are based on the volume of orders that we have made from the pharma companies and the rates that they have given us.
  • As we are a well-trusted global online medical store for the sale and delivery of generic medicines you need to check out the cost of medicines and some other things such as delivery charges and taxes.
  • Medicine prices might vary from one country to another based on the prevailing prices in your region or country.
  • But we offer the same prices for a specific medicine globally that is served by us.
  • One thing is for sure at RDMedicshop you are going to get prices that you have not seen on any other portal.
  • We give the best rates and quotes for medicines to our customers.
  • Based on the type of medicine you are buying and your order volume you are going to get offers and discounts.
  • Due to the availability of deals the whole year the prices of the medicines might vary based on the stock that we have and the availability and demand of the product.
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