Privacy and Cookie Policy

We at RDMedicshop make sure to maintain our customer’s privacy and security. We assure our users that all the personal information shared with us is encrypted with the most reliable web security tools. The sole purpose of asking for the user’s private information is to help them make the right decision in the choice of medicine and thus to make the shopping experience with us, streamlined.

Please be informed that we ask our users only for the following purposes-

1. Registration-

It is to facilitate the shopping process by filling in the personal details that are necessary for signing up for the website

2. Communication-

Registering your email with us is essential to make communication possible in case of any query, grievances, order execution, etc.

Please note that we do not compulsorily impose the user to share personal information in any way. It is only when the user opts for the submission of the information that we put him/her in the ‘opt-in’ category. At any given point in time, the user has the liberty to withdraw the personal information shared by them. However, your personal information is necessary to make smooth shopping a reality for you.

The emails submitted by the user are occasionally used by RDMedicshops to send marketing, promotional, or informative emails.

What Are The Cookies And What Are They Used For?

RD uses cookies. But what exactly a cookie is?

Cookies are the small packets of data and signals that a website sends to the device of the users. These packets or fractions of data stay in the user’s device and help us to distinguish every single customer. In some cases, these cookies are also used by us to stop our users from unwanted advertisements.

We use the cookies to analyze the total number of visitors to our websites which also allows us to examine what our best-selling products are. This, in turn, helps us to fetch the products for our customers and make the shopping process, reliable.

The privacy policies mentioned on the web may change at the company’s discretion. The users are advised to go through the privacy and cookie policies before registering any information with the website.

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