Millennium Stud 5000 Spray

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Millennium Stud 5000 Spray

In a marital relationship, both partners need to indulge in sex which makes the sexual activity interesting. For a satisfactory sexual intimacy, male and female partners also need to be enthusiastic and have a great amount of passion. If one partner does not exhibit the energy or interest during sexual encounters, there will be no meaning in indulging in lovemaking sessions. There are some women who take time to get orgasms. On the contrary, there are some men who feel difficulty in controlling ejaculations. When this happens, both partners lose interest in sex. Men who need to keep hold their fluids until their females reach orgasm, such men can use Millennium stud 5000 spray. To extend the coital time, using Millennium stud 5000spray can be a boon for them.

Use Of Millennium Stud 5000 Spray

Men who experience problems in premature ejaculation or cannot hold their fluids for a while, such men need to use Millennium stud 5000 spray. Increase the time of your sexual intimacy with the help of the spray. Millennium stud 500 spray can make the tip of the sex organ less sensitive. As a result, men can have prolonged sexual intimacy with their female partners. The Millennium stud 5000 spray will help a man continue sexual activity until a woman reaches orgasms. If a man does not hold his fluid, both partners will lose the enthusiasm of sexual intimacy and they will be sexually dissatisfied.

How Does Millennium Stud 5000 Work?

Sex turns out to be awful when a man ejaculates before time. Some women feel difficulty in getting quick orgasms. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for men to hold the fluid. Men with premature ejaculation problems experience it as a challenging situation when their women take more time than usual in achieving orgasm.

Millennium stud 5000 spray consists of lidocaine which helps men keep early ejaculation under control. The component gets into the male genital organ and does not let men ejaculate early. Lidocaine is the imperative compound which makes the tip of the sex organ less sensitive. As a result, men can extend the time of ejaculation for a longer time.


There is no specific dosage of Millennium stud 5000 spray. Only dosage of 5000 is available in the pharmacies. Your medical provider will ask you the trouble you face during sexual encounters. If the premature ejaculation problem is going on for many days, your medical professional will tell you to use Millennium stud 5000 spray. How to use the spray will be directed by your healthcare provider. If you do not use the spray properly, you will not be able to hold your fluid.

Before you use the spray directly on the male sex organ. Apply a test spray on the arm and let the liquid of the spray remain for a few minutes. If you feel your skin is itching badly, it would be better not to use Millennium stud 5000 spray. In case you experience no burning or itching sensations, you can consider the spray safe to use.

Every time you use Millennium stud 5000 spray, it is necessary to shake the bottle. There is a proper use of this spray. Make use of the spray 10 minutes before you get sexual arousal. It is necessary to hold the spray bottle in a vertical position. Keep the bottle a few centimeters away from your sex organ. Keep spraying at least four times till the tip of the sex organ is sprayed with the liquid. Your penetration will take five minutes. As you keep using the spray, you need to know how many sprays you would need to apply each day. Your medical practitioner will tell you how long you need to use Millennium stud 5000 spray. Make sure not to spray too much which can be disastrous. Also, keep in mind to use the spray in a limited quantity.

Side Effects

Using Millennium stud 5000 spray is safe to use. Men will not suffer from side effects unless the spray is used properly. Make sure not to spray in excessive amounts of Millennium stud 5000 spray which can give rise to burning sensations. When you use the spray, use it only in small amounts. In case side effects occur, talk to your medical professional who can fix it.


* Hide Millennium stud 5000 spray so that children cannot find it out.

* Use the spray in minimal amounts to prevent side effects.

* Spray Millennium stud 5000 spray not more than four times before indulging in lovemaking.


1. Is Millennium stud 5000 spray delay ejaculation?

When a man makes use of this spray as per the instructions of a healthcare practitioner, he can delay ejaculation.

2. Will Millennium stud 5000 spray provide a happy sex life?

Using this spray on a daily basis will help men and women indulge in satisfying lovemaking sessions.

3. Will Millennium stud 5000 spray provide sexual satisfaction?

Using the spray will help men have delayed ejaculation for longer durations. As a result, sexual satisfaction is guaranteed for couples.


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