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Super Tadapox Tablets are the most commonly used medicine in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. The main thing that makes it different from other ED-curing medicine is that it contains two active salts that are Tadalafil and Depoxetine in 40 mg and 60 mg respectively. Adding to this the medicine also heals sensual dysfunction in men by increasing the blood flow through the expanded blood vessels that ensure that there is delayed ejaculation and a more rigid penis which in turn provides satisfactory results and a happy partner.

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Super Tadapox 100 mg

Curing sexual dysfunction has become very important for patients and doctors. One of the sexual dysfunctions which innumerable men suffer from is not being able to make a penis hard. It has been observed that most couples are not satisfied with sex because men go through impotence. To make sex life pleasurable, it is necessary for impotent men to get impotence cured. Super Tadapox Tablets drug has notched a good name in treating erectile issues in men. Super Tadapox 100 tablet is an effective ED drug which works best on ED patients. The powerful ingredient Tadalafil acts as a remedy to help men provide a healthy erection. It has also been noticed that men with premature ejaculation issues also can cure this sexual problem with this medicine.

Uses Of Super Tadapox 100

Men who keep struggling with impotence and premature ejaculation will not be able to get satisfaction in sex. Therefore, taking Super Tadapox is extremely essential which has the active component Tadalafil that extends the blood vessels of the genital area so that blood supply profusely runs all the way through the erectile region. When a man has a tablet of Super Tadapox, his sensual potential gets increased. With profuse blood circulation in the erectile region, a stiff sex organ takes place instantly. Men who feel uncomfortable during sexual activity because of early discharge of fluid should ingest Super Tadapox tablets. This will help users to ejaculate after women attain orgasm. Early ejaculation dampens sexual excitement which can also reduce the interest of sex in both partners. Super Tadapox 100 mg pills are a must-needed drug for men with PE and ED.

Manufacturer of Super Tadapox Tablets

Centurion Laboratories Ltd is the sole owner of Super Tadapox 100 tablets. The pills of Super Tadapox can do wonders in PE and ED patients simultaneously. This effective medicine is available in all major medical stores at cost-effective prices.

What Is The Working Mode Of Super Tadapox Tablets?

Super Tadapox 100 tablets repress the chemical enzymes in the blood vessels. Hence, Super Tadapox 100 mg medication annihilates cGMP. In addition, the existence of cGMP makes the arteries loose. As a result, creating a hard erection becomes easy for Super Tadapox 100 tablets. Tadalafil aids in supplying blood profusely all over the erectile area which makes the sex organ stiff. There is another constituent Dapoxetine controls the fluid from coming out of the penis before sex. As men keep taking Super Tadapox tablets regularly, they will gain control over early ejaculation. What better way than curing two sexual health problems with one medicine.


An ED patient and PE patient requires to consume Super Tadapox 100 mg only once a day. When you ingest a tablet of Super Tadapox, you need to drink water to gulp down a Super Tadapox 100 tablet. Patients need to bear in mind that this pill needs to be consumed entirely without biting or breaking a tablet. This impotence and premature ejaculation drug can also be consumed with milk. Patients need to have Super Tadapox 100 mg pill once a day and three hours prior to penetration. Your medical provider will tell you how much dose of Super Tadapox should be taken by you. Only after diagnosing your ED and PE, Super Tadapox tablets are given to males.

Side effects

As premature ejaculation patients and erectile dysfunction patients start to have Super Tadapox 100 mg medication, some side effects may make them fall sick.

  • Rashes due to heat
  • loose stool
  • pain in the back
  • constant cough
  • flushing
  • seizures
  • heartburn
  • mild head spin
  • feeling confused
  • problem in vision
  • stomach aches
  • mild head pain
  • problem in breathing are some side effects

If the side effects make you feel uneasy, talk to your medical professional.


Every medicine needs proper storing. Place Super Tadapox tablets in a box which is fitted tightly. Keep Super Tadapox 100 tablets safe from moisture and excess humidity. Look for a clean place for storing this potent drug.


* If your medical professional has told you to use medicines for pulmonary arterial hypertension, Super Tadapox 100 mg is not recommended to ED patients.

* Antiviral drugs and medicines which treat fungus needs to be avoided when you use Super Tadapox 100 tablets.

* Stop using medicines for blood disorders or fits if a man takes Super Tadapox tablets.

* Before you intake a tablet of Super Tadapox, it is necessary to inform your medical professional.

* In case you get severe allergies for taking Super Tadapox, notify your medical provider who will tell you to stop using the drug.


1. Is it necessary to tell your medical practitioner about your current medicines?

In case you are having any ongoing medications, notify your medical professional before consuming Super Tadapox 100 mg drug.

2. Can nitrates be allowed while taking Super Tadapox 100 mg?

Having nitrates with Super Tadapox tablets may aggravate your health condition.

3. Can an ED patient take Super Tadapox 100 mg if he takes other ED pills?

If you have other erectile dysfunction drugs, discuss this with your medical practitioner whether you can have this impotence medication.


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