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Super Vilitra is a special medicine made for patients who are suffering from a higher level of ED. The manufacturers of Super Vilitra are Centurion Laboratories which are known for making generic and most effective medicine in the market. The medicine works by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels of the penile region which thereby widens the gap for proper flow of blood in the reproductive part which makes the penis hard and erect.

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Having constant troubles related to sex can ruin a man’s sex life. After reaching a certain age, couples feel dissatisfied with sexual activity. The reason is a man’s sex organ does not get sufficient erections needed for a sexual encounter. As blood does not circulate in the penile region, men experience no erection. To resolve this sexual dysfunction, men need to resort to it. Taking Super Vilitra tablets helps the sexual health of men. Men can get a hard rock erection naturally after consuming this impotence medicine. Super Vilitra 80 mg pills can also relieve men with early ejaculation issues. Another component proves to be highly effective in reducing the risk of premature ejaculation. Both PE and ED patients are suggested to use Super Vilitra Dapoxetine Power pills to delay ejaculation and get a firm erection during sexual encounters.

Uses Of Super Vilitra

Maintain and sustain healthy erections with the help of Vardenafil which is there in Super Vilitra. The component stops the enzymes which keep penile blood vessels clogged. As levels of cGMP are increased, erectile muscles are soft, and blood circulation starts again in the penile area, producing the required erections. As for patients with premature ejaculations, Dapoxetine can delay ejaculation, which, in turn, men can indulge in sexual pleasures for a long time. Taking Super Vilitra Dapoxetine Power can control early ejaculation in PE men. With Super Vilitra 80 mg, men can fix both sexual problems with one medicine.

Manufacturer Of Super Vilitra

Centurion Laboratories Ltd owns Super Vilitra tablets, which are eligible for men who undergo premature ejaculation and impotence problems. Take a prescription from a healthcare professional to use this effective medication. Super Vilitra 80 drug can be obtained from top-rated pharmacies at standard prices. 

What Is The Action Of Super Vilitra? 

Vardenafil is the supreme constituent of Super Vilitra pills which unclogs the enzymes as well as penile muscles. The smooth and relaxed erectile muscles let blood flow profusely into the sex organ, making the penis hard again. Dapoxetine is another superior constituent of Super Vilitra 80 mg medication. When a premature ejaculation patient consumes Super Vilitra dapoxetine power tablets, men will not ejaculate before time. Make sure when you are having Vardenafil, you need to have sexual stimulation. 


The dosage of Super Vilitra may vary, depending on a man’s health. If you keep taking Super Vilitra tablets once a day, the effects can be positive. Without having permission from your medical provider, do not try to take this medication. Take a tablet of Super Vilitra with water and make sure not to consume it by crushing or biting it. Before your planned sexual activity, ingest a Super Vilitra 80 mg pill. You can choose to have this medicine after eating food. Any food can be consumed with this impotence drug. In case a Super Vilitra Dapoxetine Power pill is consumed more than once a day, side effects can trouble you. In such a case, seek immediate medical attention to overcome side effects. If a dose of the Super Vilitra pill gets missed by you, have the tablet before 24 hours. Consuming the missed dose before the next dose starts is essential for patients. Never try to change the dose if it does not suit your health. 


Store the strips of Super Vilitra 80 mg drug in a box that needs to be stored away from exposure to heat. Maintain a cool temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius when you keep it. This medication should be stored away from kids and females. 

Side effects 

When patients start taking the Super Vilitra 80mg drug, their health may be affected by some side effects. Pain in the chest, severe dizziness, numbness in legs, not being able to see anything, fast heartbeats, not being able to hear, fainting, changes in mood, or feeling weakness in one side of the body are side effects. 


  • Patients who have severe and recurrent depression need not consume Super Vilitra. 
  • PE and ED patients with eye diseases are not advised to use Super Vilitra tablets. 
  • If you are dehydrated, taking this ED and PE medication can be harmful. 
  • Patients with mild kidney or liver disease should not ingest the Super Vilitra Dapoxetine power drug. 
  • Eating grapefruits after ingesting Super Vilitra may affect the metabolism of the drug.

Q. Can Patients take antibiotics with Super Vilitra 80 mg? 

Ans. Men who are taking this medication are not advised to consume antibiotics for a certain period.

Can a patient with mental problems take Vilitra Super 80 mg? 

Ans. If an ED or PE patient has a mental illness, they do not need to use this medicine. 

Q. Can epilepsy patients have it? 

Ans. If an impotent patient or premature ejaculation patient suffers from epilepsy, a patient needs to stop taking the drug mentioned above.

Q. Can patients who have blood vessel issues take it? 

Ans. If a patient is diagnosed with a problem in a blood vessel, they should stay away from this impotence medication. 


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